Friday, 9 September 2016

The Altar of Truth

Oh, how nice. My  latest Toronto Catholic Register column is not behind a firewall.  As this is Polski Piątek, you'll never guess what it is about!

Update 1: Pace mother on the ten talents stuff. (She loves the traditional interpretation of that story.)

Update 2: Another super book for teaching yourself how to study 20+ years late is How to Improve Your Memory for Study by Jonathan Hancock (Pearson, Harlow--UGH, town of Pole-bashers, 2012).

I love his ideas about drawing pictures to remind yourself of words. Guess what the following means:

OD +


Doesn't have to be Lech, of course.

Hint: genitive instrumental case, plural. Answer tomorrow. I don't imagine anyone could get it but me--or a Polish-Canadian of my generation!

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